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Geranium Pour Monsieur — аромат для мужчин

Geranium Pour Monsieur – Fragrance for Men

Fantastic Man рекомендует эти «редкие» цветочные ароматы на основе Edition de Parfum’s Frédéric Malle (Фредерик Маль). Эти ароматы напоминают запах «хорошего джин с тоником».

Fantastic Man is recommending this “rare” floral based scent by Edition de Parfum’s Frédéric Malle, worked with Dominique Ropion. They mention that it smells like a “good” gin and tonic. We just hope in that it wafts in a way that does not label the wearer as drinking in the mid-afternoon day – which would be fine in some cities.